Our core objective is to offer services to people with autism through various services and programmes. These services and programmes are results oriented and emphasis is on the acquisition of skills and changes in behaviour.

The services and programmes that we offer include :

Early Intervention Programme

Transition Programme

Skills Development Programme

Intensive Intervention Programme

Vocational Programme

Assessment and Therapy

Hope for Children with Autism

At NASOM we provide the needed information, intervention and a range of services  to meet the needs of children with autism.

NASOM’s provides assistance in areas such as :

  • Event planning
  • Fund raising
  • Support group
  • Family counseling
  • Training
  • Collaboration with corporate partner
  • Autism research in collaboration with academic institution
  • Movie content in supporting the cause for autism

How Can Public Contribute?

With the right support at the right time, people with autism can live rewarding and fulfilling lives. They can achieve great things, but only if they are supported by people who believe in their potential.

We need all kinds of resources from land, building, equipment, money and volunteer. Members of the public are welcome to assist us and associate with our people, understand their challenges and give them the same opportunity as other people.tree