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What Causes Autism?

What causes autisme?

Autism is a syndrome, or condition, with many possible causes.  Anything that makes the central nervous system (CNS) develop abnormally can cause autism.  The CNS functions as a computer for the body.  Messages from the CNS control all aspects of learning, thinking, and movement that allow us to learn about and function in the world.

Any interruption or change in the early development of the system will affect continuing development of the system and result in a developmental disability.  The event that initially triggers these developmental differences could happen during fetal development, during birth, or after birth.  It is not always possible to identify the exact causes of the damage.

There are some important implications to know while searching for the causes of autism.

  1. Autism and other neurobiological disorders are not caused by lack of love or inadequate parenting skills.
  2. Anything that affects the functioning of the central nervous system can trigger the symptoms of autism.
  3. Knowing the causes is important for medical research and to help parents get appropriate genetic and medical information.

However, parents must need to aware that early intervention and effective educational programs do not depend on pinpointing the exact cause.